Posted on Mi 11 April 2007

I Am Free Again!

Es ist vollbracht! Today, at 10:54 am -- 66 min before deadline -- I handed in my diploma thesis [1]. In a few weeks time you may call me Diplom-Informatiker... Herr Diplom-Informatiker.

That's all.


[1] Thesis title is Diensteverwaltung in Ad-Hoc-Netzwerken (which roughly translates to Service Discovery in Ad-Hoc Networks). Basically, the thesis is about "Mesh-DNS", a protocol akin to Multicast DNS (mDNS), which scales better, fixes a few things and takes Mesh network architectures into account. It is intended to be integrated into Avahi and to be used as service discovery protocol in OLPC. It is compatible with DNS-SD, but replaces mDNS. Due to that all existing software linking against Avahi can make use of it without any major changes. It adds a zone .mesh which is organized by Mesh-DNS side-by-side to the mDNS-maintained zone .local. You will be able to enable support for Mesh-DNS at Avahi compile time. Most likely most distros won't enable it in their default builds, although it offers quite a few features even outside OLPC, such as automatic, idiot-proof router transparency.

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