Posted on Di 24 Mai 2011

systemd Documentation

Fedora 15 is out. Get it while it is hot! It is probably the biggest distribution release of a all time with being first in shipping both GNOME 3 and systemd.

Since this is the first distribution release based on systemd, it might be interesting to read up on what it is all about. Here's a little compilation of the available documentation for systemd.

The Manual Pages

Here's the full list of all man pages.

The Blog Stories

Some of the systemd for Administrators blog posts are available in Russian language, too.

Other Documentation

Fedora Documentation

In The Press

Other Distributions' Documentation

And, if you still have questions after all of this, please join our mailing list, or our IRC channel #systemd on Alternatively, if you are looking for paid consulting services for systemd contact our friends at ProFUSION.

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