Posted on Di 30 August 2011

How to Write syslog Daemons Which Cooperate Nicely With systemd

I just finished putting together a text on the systemd wiki explaining what to do to write a syslog service that is nicely integrated with systemd, and does all the right things. It's supposed to be a checklist for all syslog hackers:

Read it now.

rsyslog already implements everything on this list afaics, and that's pretty cool. If other implementations want to catch up, please consider following these recommendations, too.

I put this together since I have changed systemd 35 to set StandardOutput=syslog as default, so that all stdout/stderr of all services automatically ends up in syslog. And since that change requires some (minimal) changes to all syslog implementations I decided to document this all properly (if you are curious: they need to set StandardOutput=null to opt out of this default in order to avoid logging loops).

Anyway, please have a peek and comment if you spot a mistake or something I forgot. Or if you have questions, just ask.

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