Posted on Di 03 August 2010

Dear Canonical,

#ignore yes

Today I came across this blog post of your design team. In context of the recent criticism you had to endure regarding upstream contributions I am disappointed that you have not bothered to ping anybody from the upstream freedesktop sound theme (for example yours truly) about this in advance. No, you went to cook your own soup. What really disappoints me is that we have asked multiple times for help and support and contributions for the sound theme, to only very little success, and I even asked some of the Canonical engineers about this topic and in particular regarding some clarifications of the licensing of the old Ubuntu sound theme. I am sorry, but if you had listened, or looked, or asked you would have been aware that we were looking for somebody to maintain this actively, upstream -- and because we didn't have the time to maintain this we only did the absolute minimum work necessary and we only maintain this ourselves because noone else wanted to.

It should be upstream first, downstream second.

I am sorry if I sound like an always complaining prick to you. But believe me, I am not saying this because I wouldn't like you or anything like that. I am just saying this because I believe you could do things oh so much better.

Please fix this. We want your contributions. Upstream.

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