Posted on Mi 18 April 2007

Releases, Releases, Releases ...

I have just released new versions of a few of my packages:

Avahi Logo
  1. Avahi 0.6.18: The most interesting change is probably the addition of avahi-ui, our new GTK library which implements a standard dialog for browsing for Avahi services. A quick (albeit slightly out-of-date) introduction into avahi-ui (including screenshots) may be found in this old blog story of mine. If you are a developer of a GNOME application that acts as network client in some way, please consider adding support for avahi-ui to your project. Examples where adding support for avahi-ui makes sense are:
    • Mail applications such as Evolution may use it to browse for POP3, POP3S, IMAP, IMAPS and SMTP servers.
    • VNC applications may use it to browse for VNC/RFB servers
    • Database clients such as Glom may use it to browse for PostrgreSQL servers
    • FTP clients may use it to browse for FTP servers
    • RSS readers may use it to browse for local RSS feeds
    • And lots of others
    There are lots of other small and not so small changes in Avahi 0.6.18.
  2. mod_dnssd 0.5: Mostly an update for Apache 2.2
  3. mod_mime_xattr 0.4: dito

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