Posted on Fr 16 Juli 2010

Linux Plumbers Conference 2010 CFP Ending Soon!

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The Call for Papers for the Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) in November in Cambridge, Massachusetts is ending soon, on July 19th 2010 (That's the upcoming monday!). It's a conference about the core infrastructure of Linux systems: the part of the system where userspace and the kernel interface. It's the only conference where the focus is specifically on getting together the kernel people who work on the userspace interfaces and the userspace people who have to deal with kernel interfaces. It's supposed to be a place where all the people doing infrastructure work sit down and talk, so that both parties understand better what the requirements and needs of the other are, and where we can work towards fixing the major problems we currently have with our lower-level infrastructure and APIs.

The two previous LPCs were hugely successful (as reported on LWN on various occasions), and this time we hope to repeat that.

Like the previous years, I will be running the Audio conference track of LPC, this time together with Mark Brown. Audio infrastructure on Linux has been steadily improving the last years all over the place, but there's still a lot to do. Join us at the LPC to discuss the next steps and help improving Linux audio further! If you are doing audio infrastructure work on Linux, make sure to attend and submit a paper!

Sign up soon! Send in your paper quickly! Only three days left to the end of the CFP!

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(I am also planning to do a presentation there about systemd, together with Kay. Make sure to attend if you are interested in that topic.)

See you in Boston!

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