Posted on Fr 12 Juni 2009

Linux Plumbers Conference 2009 CFP Ending Soon!

The Call for Papers for the Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) in September in Portland, Oregon is ending soon, on June 15th 2009. It's a conference about the core infrastructure of Linux systems: the part of the system where userspace and the kernel interface. It's the first conference where the focus is specifically on getting together the kernel people who work on the userspace interfaces and the userspace people who have to deal with kernel interfaces. It's supposed to be a place where all the people doing infrastructure work sit down and talk, so that each other understands better what the requirements and needs of the other are, and where we can work towards fixing the major problems we currently have with our lower-level APIs.

Last year's conference was hugely successful. If you want to read up what happened then, LWN has good coverage.

Like last year, I will be running the Audio conference track of LPC. Audio infrastructure on Linux is still heavily fragmented. Pro, desktop and embedded worlds are very seperate. While we have quite good driver support the user experience is far from perfect, mostly because our infrastructure is so balkanized. Join us at the LPC and help to fix this! If you are doing audio infrastructure work on Linux, make sure to attend and submit a paper!

Sign up soon! Send in your paper quickly!

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See you in Portland!

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