Posted on Fr 20 Januar 2012

Plumbers Wishlist, The Third Edition, a.k.a. "The Thank You Edition"

Last October we published a wishlist for plumbing related features we'd like to see added to the Linux kernel. Three months later it's time to publish a short update, and explain what has been implemented in the kernel, what people have started working on, and what's still missing.

The full, updated list is available on Google Docs.

In general, I must say that the list turned out to be a great success. It shows how awesome the Open Source community is: Just ask nicely and there's a good chance they'll fulfill your wishes! Thank you very much, Linux community!

We'd like to thank everybody who worked on any of the features on that list: Lucas De Marchi, Andi Kleen, Dan Ballard, Li Zefan, Kirill A. Shutemov, Davidlohr Bueso, Cong Wang, Lennart Poettering, Kay Sievers.

Of the items on the list 5 have been fully implemented and are already part of a released kernel, or already merged for inclusion for the next kernels being released.

For 4 further items patches have been posted, and I am hoping they'll get merged eventually. Davidlohr, Wang, Zefan, Kirill, it would be great if you'd continue working on your patches, as we think they are following the right approach[1] even if there was some opposition to them on LKML. So, please keep pushing to solve the outstanding issues and thanks for your work so far!


[1] Yes, I still believe that tmpfs quota should be implemented via resource limits, as everything else wouldn't work, as we don't want to implement complex and fragile userspace infrastructure to racily upload complex quota data for all current and future UIDs ever used on the system into each tmpfs mount point at mount time.

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