Posted on Do 03 Mai 2012

Boot & Base OS Miniconf at Linux Plumbers Conference 2012, San Diego

Linux Plumbers Conference Logo

We are working on putting together a miniconf on the topic of Boot & Base OS for the Linux Plumbers Conference 2012 in San Diego (Aug 29-31). And we need your submission!

Are you working on some exciting project related to Boot and Base OS and would like to present your work? Then please submit something following these guidelines, but please CC Kay Sievers and Lennart Poettering.

I hope that at this point the Linux Plumbers Conference needs little introduction, so I will spare any further prose on how great and useful and the best conference ever it is for everybody who works on the plumbing layer of Linux. However, there's one conference that will be co-located with LPC that is still little known, because it happens for the first time: The C Conference, organized by Brandon Philips and friends. It covers all things C, and they are still looking for more topics, in a reverse CFP. Please consider submitting a proposal and registering to the conference!

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