Posted on Mo 01 November 2010

Off to LPC 2010, Boston

Later this week the Linux Plumbers Conference 2010 will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge.

Together with Mark Brown I'll be running the conference track about Audio, and I believe we managed to put together quite a nice schedule with various interesting talks covering many areas of what Audio on Linux is about.

I'll also be around at the Boot and Init Systems track which Kay Sievers is running. Together with Kay I'll do a session about systemd, everybody's favourite system and session manager. We also managed to convince a number of distribution maintainers of systemd to do short presentations about the state of systemd adoption in their respective distributions: Michael Biebl from Debian, Gustavo Barbieri from Gentoo, Kay for openSUSE and yours truly for Fedora.

Because there never can be enough systemd coverage at a conference I'll do another talk about systemd, in Vincent Untz' Desktop track, this time focussing less on how to boot and maintain a system, but more on doing the same for desktop sessions, in particular GNOME.

I'll also stick around for the the first two days of the GNOME Boston Summit.

See you in Cambridge!

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