Posted on Mo 22 September 2008

My take on the Plumbers Conference

I just came back from the Linux Plumbers Conference. As some of you might know I was doing an MC about Audio there. Don Marti attended the track and wrote up an interesting article over at LWN. It's a recommended read, including the immense number of comments it already resulted in. (I will try to reply to all comments coming up, in case you have questions -- just post them over at LWN)

I must really say though that calling that article "It's a mess" and highlighting my critical comments on the situation this way makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, though. Sure, we have some issues to fix and it's the words I chose at the conference -- but it's only part of the story. Things are not really all that bad, and we have enough good stuff to focus on.

I enjoyed LPC, and especially the audio MC a lot. The discussions during the MC were lively, focussed and very enlightening. Much better than at others conferences I have been to the information flow was two-ways: instead of just having a speaker who talks about stuff and attendees that listen to them, here all talks were very interactive -- a lot of people in the audience had something to say, and the others did benefit from it.

LPC organization was flawless, Portland is awesome. The food was good, too. To summarize: I am happy, very happy! I look forward for another iteration next year and hope we'll be able to have an audio MC then, too.

LPC organizers: rock on! Takashi, Jonathan: thank you very much for your participation in the Audio MC!

(If you are not subscribed to LWN but want to read the article linked above, ping me, I can hand out a few free links. Alternatively, wait for thursday and it will be available for free.)

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