Posted on Mi 06 April 2011

GNOME 3.0 Is Out!

The next generation desktop has arrived. I am running it as I type this, and so should you. So, go, get it!

If you are in Berlin on Friday you should also attend our GNOME 3.0 Release Party. It's at the world famous c-base, in the remains of an alien spaceship that crashed into Berlin 4.5 billion years ago (no kidding!). We've got Ubuntu's Daniel Holbach as DJ, and a few folks from the GNOME community will do a talk or two (including that annoying dude who created Avahi, PulseAudio and systemd). We even got Mirko Boehm from the KDE side to say a few things. And there are going to be GNOME 3 goodies! How awesome is that? See the wiki page for further details.

And here's your homework until Friday: Try out GNOME 3.0!


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