Posted on Do 07 Oktober 2010 CFP Deadline Approaching!

I just submitted my paper[1] for 2010 in Bangalore/India. Don't forget to submit yours! The CFP closes on 10th of October. That's this Sunday! Hurry up, before it is too late! is one of the most amazing Free Software conferences this world has to offer (hey, and I think I can say that because I have presented at quite a few). A dedicated audience, flawless organization, magic hospitality, and all this in incredible India! Both the technical programme and everything around it are impressive. Which other conference can offer you a concert of one of India's greatest acts as part of the schedule? Which other international conference host city can be such a positive attack on your senses as Bangalore (see that endless sea of flowers below)? And where else do they serve pure silver as part of the conference catering?

Bangalore Market

Read the CFP! Or, go straight to submitting a paper.


[1] About systemd.

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