Posted on So 05 April 2009

GNOME now esound-free

Andre Klapper just informed me that GNOME is now officially esound-free: all modules have been ported over to libcanberra for event sounds or GStreamer/PulseAudio for everything else. It's time to celebrate!

It's an end of an era. The oldest version of esound in GNOME CVS is 0.2.1, commited on May 11th 1998. It has been shipped with every GNOME release since 1.0 back in 1999. (esound outside of GNOME dates even further back, probably some time in the year 1997 or so). After almost 11 years in GNOME it's all over now. Oh, those were the good times.

If you maintain a module that is not part of GNOME that still uses esound, hurry and update yours as well!

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