Posted on Mo 20 Juni 2011

Desktop Summit Workshops and BoFs Call for Participation

The Desktop Summit schedule for the talks and presentations has been published a couple of weeks ago. Now it is time to open the 2nd Call for Participation, this time for Workshops and BoFs.

If you'd like to run a workshop, BoF, hack session or training/teaching session, then please submit it here. If you do it will appear in the printed schedule and get a prominent time slot assigned. BoFs, workshops, hack sessions and training/teaching sessions can also be added after the deadline of July 3rd, and even be registered ad-hoc at the conference, but if you register your slot in advance we can make sure people will find it in the printed schedule, will know about it, can plan to attend it and we can do everything to make sure a lot of people show up.

Note that BoF/workshop proposals are unrestricted, i.e. there is no program committee that will accept or reject submissions: we have a lot of room and we'll accept liberally what is submitted.

For GNOMErs: this part of the conference is supposed to be much like the Boston GNOME summit, but with a printed schedule. So please be welcome to submit your sessions like you'd want to have them take place at the GNOME summit as well.

Also see Jonnor's original announcement.

So, hurry, file your session request right-away and before July 3rd!

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