Posted on Di 08 Mai 2007

DMI-based Autoloading of Linux Kernel Modules

So, you've always been annoyed by the fact that you have to load all those laptop, i2c, hwmon, hdaps Linux kernel modules manually without having spiffy udev doing that work for you automagically? No more! I just sent a patch to LKML which adds DMI/SMBIOS-based module autoloading to the Linux kernel.

Hopefully this patch will be integrated into Linus' kernel shortly. As soon as that happens udev will automatically recognize your laptop/mainboard model and load the relevant modules.

Module maintainers, please add MODULE_ALIAS lines to your kernel modules to make sure that they are autoloaded using this new mechanism, as soon as it gets commited in Linus' kernel.

For a fully automatically configured system only ACPI-DSDT-based module autoloading is missing. I.e. load the "battery" module only when an ACPI battery is actually around.

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