Posted on Di 24 Oktober 2006

Conferences: UDS, FOMS and LCA

To my surprise I have been invited to the Ubuntu Developers Summit in Mountain View early next month (as a "ROCKSTAR", to quote Mark), to promote PulseAudio. And that although I am not an Ubuntu developer, nor even much of an Ubuntu user. I'll be available for discussing everything Multimedia/PulseAudio related. While I've not been invited because of my involvement in Avahi/Zeroconf I will, of course, also be available for discussion of these topics. As it appears, Canonical is not resentful, or maybe it's just their way to bribe me into registering with Launchpad? ;-)

After UDS I plan to stay a few more days in San Francisco to visit the city. Can anyone point me to cheap accomodation in SF, or perhaps even lives in SF and has room where I could sleep?

In addition my PulseAudio presentation has been accepted at 2007. At I hope to give another presentation, together with Trent Lloyd about Avahi, everyone's favourite Zeroconf implementation. And finally I plan to give yet another presentation, again about PulseAudio, at FOMS 2007, the Foundations of Open Media Software conference, which happens shortly before, also in Sydney. FOMS is still looking for more people to speak at the conference, so, please go to their CFP page and send in your proposal if you have something to talk about!

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