Posted on Do 08 September 2005

KDE Ported to Avahi

Jakub Stachowski completed support for using Avahi as backend for KDE's KDNSSD subsystem. This means that you can use any Zeroconf-enabled KDE application (including Konqueror) with Avahi as mDNS stack. You can find more information in the KDNSSD Wiki.

The list of software supporting Avahi grows longer and longer. There are some patches for vino and GnomeMeeting floating around, Rhythmbox already merged DAAP support based on Avahi, KDE is now fully compatible with Avahi. Shall your project be the next in this list? To get started with Avahi, read the developer's documentation.

Oh, yes, we released Avahi 0.3 and 0.4 recently. Get it while it's hot. No major changes, just bugfixes an Qt main loop support.

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