Posted on Mo 17 Dezember 2007

Avahi 0.6.22

A couple of minutes ago I released Avahi 0.6.22 into the wild, the newest iteration of everyone's favourite zero configuration networking suite.

Avahi Logo

You ask why this is something to blog about?

Firstly, new in this version is Sjoerd Simons' avahi-gobject library, a GObject wrapper around the Avahi API. It allows full GObject-style object oriented programming of Zeroconf applications, with signals and everything. To all you GNOME/Gtk+ hackers out there: now it is even more fun to hack your own Zeroconf applications for GNOME/Gtk+!

Secondly, this is the first release to ship i18n support. For those who prefer to run their systems with non-english locales[1] this should be good news. I've always been a little afraid of adding i18n support, since this either meant that I would have contstantly had to commit i18n patches, or that I would have needed to move my code to GNOME SVN. However, we now have Fedora's Transifex, which allows me to open up my SVN for translators without much organizational work on my side. Translations are handled centrally, and commited back to my repository when needed. It's a bit like Canonical's Rosetta, but with a focus on commiting i18n changes upstream, and without being closed-source crap.

You like this release? Then give me a kudo on My ego still thirsts for gold, and I am still (or again) 25 positions away from that. ;-)


[1] Personally, I run my desktop with $LC_MESSAGES=C, but LANG=de_DE, which are the settings I can recommend to everyone who is from Germany and wants to stay sane. Unfortunately it is a PITA to configure this on GNOME, though.

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