Posted on Fr 25 August 2006

Avahi 0.6.13 released

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I am happy to bring you yet another release of Avahi, everyone's favourite Zeroconf stack.

  • Add a new D-Bus method for changing the mDNS host name during runtime. This functionality is only available to members of the UNIX group "netdev", which is the same access group that is enforced by GNOME's NetworkManager daemon. Since NM will probably be the most prominent user of this new method, we decided to limit access to the same group. The access group can be set by passing --with-avahi-priv-access-group= to "configure". If you need more sophisticated access control you can freely edit /etc/dbus/system.d/avahi-dbus.conf.
  • Add a new utility "avahi-set-host-name" which is a command line wrapper around the aforementioned SetHostName() method.
  • Bonjour API compatibility library:
    • Implement DNSServiceUpdateRecord()
    • Allow passing NULL as callback function for DNSServiceRegister()
    • Implement subtype registration in DNSServiceRegister() in a way that is compatible with Bonjour.
    • Update to newer copy of dns_sd.h
  • If the host name changes update names of static services wich contain wildcards.
  • Don't build documentation about embedding the Avahi mDNS stack into other programs by default. This is a feature used only by embedded developers. Pass --enable-core-docs to "configure" to enable building these docs, like in Avahi <= 0.6.12.
  • Build Qt documentation only when Qt support is enabled in the configuration. Same for GLib.
  • Change algorithm used to find a new host name on conflict. In Avahi <= 0.6.12 a conflicting host name of "foobar" would be changed to the new name "foobar2". With 0.6.13 "foobar-2" will be picked instead. This follows Bonjour's behaviour and has the advantage not confusing people with regular host names ending in digits.
  • Don't disable all static services when SIGHUP is recieved.
  • Fix build when Avahi is configured without Gtk+ but with Python support
  • Fix build on MacOS X
  • Support using Solaris DBM instead of gdbm for the service type database. The latter is still recommended
  • Minor other fixes and documentation updates

The relevant NetworkManager bug about SetHostName() is #352828.

And our bug tracker is back to only two open bugs for Avahi. That's a good feeling, I can tell you!

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