Posted on So 09 Juni 2013

GNOME.Asia and LinuxCon Japan

Two weeks ago I attended GNOME.Asia/Seoul and LinuxCon Japan/Tokyo, thanks to sponsoring by the GNOME Foundation and the Linux Foundation. At GNOME.Asia I spoke about Sandboxed Applications for GNOME, and at LinuxCon Japan about the first three years of systemd. (I think at least the latter one was videotaped, and recordings might show up on the net eventually). I like to believe both talks went pretty well, and helped getting the message across to community what we are working on and what the roadmap for us is, and what we expect from the various projects, and especially GNOME. However, for me personally the hallway track was the most interesting part. The personal Q&A regarding our work on kdbus, cgroups, systemd and related projects where highly interesting. In fact, at both conferences we had something like impromptu hackfests on the topics of kdbus and cgroups, with some conferences attendees. I also enjoyed the opportunity to be on Karen's upcoming GNOME podcast, recorded in a session at Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul (what better place could there be for a podcast recording?).

I'd like to thank the GNOME and Linux foundations for sponsoring my attendance to these conferences. I'd especially like to thank the organizers of GNOME.Asia for their perfectly organized conference!

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