Posted on Di 12 August 2008


in contrast to what you say the Apple audio stack (CoreAudio) is far less streamlined that it might appear on first sight. The different APIs that make up the Apple audio stack are far more redundant than you might think. Also, they are different in programming style, and you can list at least as many seperate components for different areas of audio with different API/naming styles as you just did for the Linux audio stack.

Listing two components of the Linux audio stack that are considered obsolete these days, and listing one item twice doesn't really help making your post unassailable.

Having said that, yes, our Linux audio stack is still chaotic, redundant, badly documented and incomplete. You are very welcome to help fixing this. But just doing a bit PR and sticking a single name on the sum of it all doesn't even touch the real problems we have with the audio APIs on Linux.

Free software development is in its very essence distributed. The fact that our APIs sometimes appear a bit higgledy-piggledy is probably just an inevitable consequence of this.

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