Posted on Fr 02 Februar 2007

IQ in the Movies

The (original) IQ Light is featured in the stylish and funny Hollywood movie Lucky Number Slevin:

Lucky Number Slevin Still

Related to this, don't miss this small but beautiful gallery of a mobile built entirely from (mexican style) IQ lights of various sizes. I hope to post better quality pictures of the same mobile shortly:

IQ Gallery

Oh, and I am finally back in .de after my trip to .au and 2007/FOMS 2007. I hope to post a recap of the conferences and their outcome for PulseAudio and Avahi shortly.

Thanks to the impressing work of Silvia Pfeiffer and the LCA video team there's now a video of my PulseAudio presentation at LCA available online. (Ogg Theora, Java Cortado). Don't miss it!

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