Posted on Fr 20 Juli 2012

Upcoming Hackfests/Sprints

The Linux Plumbers Conference 2012 will take place August 29th to 31st in San Diego, California. We, the systemd developers, would like to invite you to two hackfests/sprints that will happen around LPC:

San Diego: libvirt/LXC/systemd/SELinux Integration Hackfest

On 28th of August we'll have a hackfest on the topic of closer integration of libvirt, LXC, systemd and SELinux, colocated with LPC in San Diego, California. We'll have a number of key people from these projects participating, including Dan Walsh, Eric Paris, Daniel P. Berrange, Kay Sievers and myself.

Topics we'll cover: making Fedora/Linux boot entirely cleanly in normal containers, teaching systemd's control tools minimal container-awareness (such as being able to list all services of all containers in one go, in addition to those running on the host system), unified journal logging across multiple containers, the systemd container interface, auditing and containers, running multiple instances from the same /usr tree, and a lot more...

Who should attend? Everybody hacking on the mentioned projects who wants to help integrating them with the goal of turning them into a secure, reliable, powerful container solution for Linux.

Who should not attend? If you don't hack on any of these projects, or if you are not interested in closer integration of at least two of these projects.

How to register? Just show up. You get extra points however for letting us know in advance (just send us an email). Attendance is free.

➥ See also: Google+ Event

San Francisco: systemd Journal Sprint

On September 3-7 we'll have a sprint on the topic of the systemd Journal. It's going to take place at the Pantheon headquarters in San Francisco, California. Among others, Kay Sievers, David Strauss and I will participate.

Who should attend? Everybody who wants to help improving the systemd Journal, regardless if in its core itself, in client software for it, hooking up other projects or writing library bindings for it. Also, if you are using or planning to use the journal for a project, we'd be very interested in high-bandwith face-to-face feedback regarding what you are missing, what you don't like so much, and what you find awesome in the Journal.

How to register? Please sign up at EventBrite. Attendance is free. For more information see the invitation mail.

➥ See also: Google+ Event

See you in California!

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