Posted on Mo 14 Juli 2008

The Thing with Planet Fedora

A while ago I posted a story on my blog which then appeared on Fedora Planet. In it I expressed my doubts on the usefulness of the planet, due to its low signal-to-noise ratio, due to the babel-like mix of languages. As a response to this posting I got a lot of really dumb comments, both directly on the blog story and by email. I was called "intolerant", a "Nazi", "stupid", that I should "revise my geography", that I should go "fuck myself", that I apparently thought that the "world was USA property" [1]. Back then I thought that there were just a few morons in the peripherals of the community. But now, since this incident happened I started to wonder if we might actually have a bigger problem in the community.

I guess this is a good opportunity to pimp David Arlie's alternative Fedora aggregator which I find a very useful replacement for Fedora Planet.


[1] I am wondering though why people think that I am a monoglot american? I am not. Neither monoglot, nor american. And if suggesting that I was was intended as an insult, then I can only say that it insulted me far less than the insulter might have thought...

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