python-shbuf 0.0.4

Copyright 2003 Lennart Poettering <mzclfuohs (at) 0pointer (dot) de>


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Fri Sep 12 2003:

Version 0.0.4 released; Changes include: Fixed some typos in the documentation

Thu Sep 11 2003:

Version 0.0.3 released; Changes include: documentaion update, port to Python's distutils


python-shbuf is a simple Python extension for accessing libshbuf shared buffers.

Please read the documentation of libshbuf for more information.


Version 0.0.4 is stable, however far from being feature complete.


Documentation of python-shbuf is rather limited at the moment. Use the native introspection facilities of Python to get an overview of the supported functions. The API is quite similar to the C API.


python-shbuf was developed and tested on Debian GNU/Linux "testing" from September 2003, it should work on most other Linux distributions and may be POSIX implementations since it uses the Python distutils for source code configuration and installation.

python-shbuf 0.0.4 requires an installed development version of libshbuf 0.0.3 or newer.


This module is made with distutils, install the module by running:

python build
python install

There is also a classic Makefile supplied which you may use instead. It is just a wrapper around


The newest release is always available from

The current release is 0.0.4

Get python-shbuf's development sources from the CVS repository.

Lennart Poettering <mzclfuohs (at) 0pointer (dot) de>, Sep 2003
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