heatload 0.3

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Sun 16 Jan 2005:

Version 0.3 released: update to current gtkmm, major cleanups.

Thu 4 Apr 2002:

Version 0.2 released: Compilation fixes for libsigc++ on Ximian, Support for ACPI 20011018.

Wed 27 Mar 2002:

Version 0.1 released: initial release.


heatload is a tool for Linux which plots the CPU load against the CPU temperature as measured by the ACPI subsystem. See this screenshot for an impression of its output.


Version 0.3 is quite stable and feature complete.


There's not much to document. Just run it and watch its shiny graphics.


Currently, heatload is tested on Linux 2.6 only.

heatload was developed and tested on Debian GNU/Linux "testing" from January 2005, it should work on most other Linux distributions since it uses GNU autoconf for source code configuration.

heatload requires gtkmm 2.4 and Linux kernel with support for ACPI on a machine that supports temperature measuring via ACPI. (Not all machines having ACPI at all support temperature measurement via ACPI!)


As this package is made with the GNU autotools you should run ./configure inside the distribution directory for configuring the source tree. After that you should run make for compilation and make install (as root) for installation of heatload.


None so far


The newest release is always available from http://0pointer.de/lennart/projects/heatload/

The current release is 0.3

Get heatload's development sources from the Subversion repository (viewcvs):

svn checkout svn://seth.intheinter.net/heatload/trunk heatload

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Lennart Poettering <mzurngybnq (at) 0pointer (dot) de>, January 2005
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